The Demand Management Trial Program, proudly supported by the
South Australian Government

FREE installation of an Emberpulse energy advisor

Supplied by 369 Labs and strictly limited to 1,000 eligible household participants. RRP $600.

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Proudly supported by the
South Australian Government

FREE installation of Emberpulse energy advisor

Limited to 1,000 households. RRP $600.

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Proudly supported by


Energy Innovation Initiative

This trial is proudly supported by the South Australian Department for Energy and Mining and is designed to better understand how and when householders use energy throughout the year and to better manage energy usage, particularly with respect to air conditioning control.

369 Labs will investigate how air conditioners can be optimised to better manage peak demand while maintaining household comfort, safety and convenience; and save energy costs for the household. Eligible participants in this program, will receive a free, fully installed Emberpulse energy management system, installed by a licensed electrician.

Participants will enjoy all the features of Emberpulse, with up to 500 homes being eligible for an additional smart AC controller absolutely free. As participants in this trial, households agree to share their power data with 369 Labs for up to 24 months – all data will be anonymised to ensure/protect privacy. 

Emberpulse is yours to keep after the trial and will act as your independent energy advisor, ensuring you’re on the best energy plan, providing 24/7 energy monitoring and pinpointing when to install solar power and/or a home battery.

You are eligible to participate in this trial if you:

  • are in Metro South Australia
  • are an owner occupier
  • have a split system air conditioner
  • have a wired internet connection.

Yours FREE!

For the first 1,000 eligible participants

South Australians pay some of the highest electricity bills in the world. It’s time to take back control of your energy costs.

Developed right here in Adelaide by 369 Labs, Emberpulse is an intelligent in-home energy monitoring system that advises you how to reduce your energy costs.

A licensed Electrician will install Emberpulse at your property for free. Emberpulse benefits include:

    Be on the best energy plan

    A solar system may significantly change your energy profile. Emberpulse analytics continually assess and update your energy profile and compare it to over 5,000 electricity plans across Australia. This unique analysis ensures you are notified if a better electricity plan is available. (Average saving $451 per year). †

      In-home notifications to save you money

      Maximise your solar investment and stop guessing when it’s best to use energy. The Emberpulse coloured light will proactively advise you when it’s cheapest to use your energy, taking account of your electricity plan and current solar generation.

        Personalised solar and battery system recommendations

        Emberpulse will independently pinpoint when it makes financial sense for you to invest in a solar or battery system, along with detailing the perfect system size for your home. This helps you avoid dishonest sales people and unnecessary extra costs.

          Live monitoring and usage alerts

          Emberpulse provides 24/7 live energy monitoring of your home’s solar and grid usage. Avoid bill shock by setting an energy budget with built in usage alerts. Receive regular energy reports and review your expected energy bill at a glance.

            Smart home control

            Emberpulse includes smart home functionality, allowing you to remotely control your home’s air conditioning, lights and appliances directly via the Emberpulse app. ^

            The Emberpulse App gives you full energy insight of your home.

            “Thanks for all your help and we love Emberpulse as it is changing our electricity use – so a big thankyou”.

            Jane Nitschke, Adelaide

            “Reports encourage us to arrange our household tasks (such as using the washing machine) to minimise our dependence on the grid, thus reducing our electricity bill. We are very strong advocates for Emberpulse”.

            Lance Hart, Melbourne

            What you need to do

            Simply complete the registration form below.

            Once your eligibility has been confirmed, you will be contacted to receive a free installation of Emberpulse as part of this South Australian Government supported user trial. Participants will help us understand energy usage and energy saving opportunities by having their energy load monitored for a period of 12-24 months using the Emberpulse device, developed right here in Adelaide.

            During this period select householders (500 in total) will take part of the intelligent load control phase of the project, which will involve connecting a free smart AC controller valued at over $299, providing you wireless control of your AC from your smartphone. This solution will also provide the householder with automated intelligent AC management for a period of 3-6 months at no cost as part of this trial.

            At the conclusion of the trial, the devices are for the property owner to retain.

            You will need to be available at your residence for the initial installation of Emberpulse at your home (installation takes typically less than 1 hour). As a valued participant in this program, you will be assisting in the development of energy saving solutions for our state.

            Both products and installation of Emberpulse come at zero cost as part of this program.

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            Free Emberpulse Energy Advisor

            Register your interest in the program below. Limited to the first eligible 1,000 participants. Participants will receive a free installation of Emberpulse (valued at up to $600), providing ongoing independent energy saving advice for their home.

            †Energy plan recommendations based on all publicly available energy plans (over 300 energy plans assessed for South Australian residents as part of this trial). ^Home control features may require additional equipment. All customer power data from trial participants remains the property of the householder and is anonymised for any State Government reporting purposes by 369 Labs.

            Registration is not a guarantee of participation as the program is limited to 1,000 households only. Free installation assumes no meter box changes are required beyond the standard installation for this product. 369 Labs and our partners reserve the right to not complete any installation due to unsafe work conditions. Participating households will share anonymised power data for up to 24 months as part of this trial. Offer provided by 369 Labs Pty Ltd - 1300 066 343